Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clip, Wiggle, Bandage!

Hi ,

I know its been a while since I posted. Lots of things have happened it rained, and rained and did I mention it rained? Then it got warm, and boy I don't know about you and all I want to do is lay down, get up drink, have ice chips and lay down again. Oh yeah and eat my meals of course I'm still a growing boy after all. I hope you all got to read aunt Lauren's blog. My bro Danby got to meet none other than Janet Evanovich the author, how cool is that! Of course he wasn't alone Nuri and Zach and Nickel were there too, go check it out . So the latest on me, I was finally diagnosed with, as my Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Benitah (another pretty doctor- I'm a lucky dog) called it "fiber responsive colitis". I went to see her back in April and she was able to stop my tummy problems. I'm on a special food, it's not so bad I still get my yogurt kong, carrots, ice chips and yes the occasional peanut butter treat. YUM, YUM! I'm attaching the latest picuture ma took of me, don't panic it looks a lot worse than it actually was. Ma promised me she would never clip my nails again and I believe her. Good thing YJ was home cause he had to drive to the emergency room. Ma was looking green around the gills, and she sure was breathing funny and crying, I felt really bad for her. I think I took it like a real man. Guys I'm going to give you a little advice don't wiggle and pull when getting your nails clipped it could get ugly, believe me I speak from first paw experience. I hope you all had a Happy Fourth of July! Be talkin' to you soon.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Girl!

Hey everyone this is Ivy. Isn't she beautiful! I was able to see her yesterday, and Christina(her trainer along with aunt Marianne) took pictures. As you can see I love to schmooze with her. It's snowing today and tonight it's supposed to snow some more. I love it, ma and pa on the other hand, not so much. Maybe YJ and I can go snowboarding, Yeah! wait I don't know if we own a snowboard, I know we have some kind of thing-a-magiggy. If only ma and pa would invest in a digital camera I would be able to show more pictures. Okay ma is giving me the look she has to e-mail Katrina, the puppy raiser coordinator for this area, not to mention fill out the monthly report. Every month all the puppy raisers fill out a report and send it to CCI. To update the coordinator on our health and progress with commands. YJ keep interrupting me, he is such a child. Talk to you later!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Only a real man can wear pink!

Last week started out the same as always , ma kept calling me big boy. Okay I am cute and most people think I'm older than I am. Over the weekend I went out with Wilara to the outlets and everyone thought she was younger than I was and they all agreed just how good looking we both were. One woman even remembered us from Christmas Eve when we were at Borders. I'm getting away from the story, sorry. On Wednesday pa forgets to feed me I thought he's gettin old too, maybe if I grovel and no he did not feed me. Ma came back and we were on the go, at that point I forgot about being hungry, hey I was going out. Ma forgot to put on my vest, boy they're both slipping. So at the end of the car ride I'm at the vet's office. I like my doctors, Dr. R and Dr. H are both very pretty. Ma and pa had a few words on the way over and boy was I glad to go with the tech, I thought for sure she would feed me, but no. Next thing I know I feel funny: my mouth is like a cotton ball, I want a drink of water and man am I sleepy. Finally there's ma and pa I'm going home. The car ride was okay I remember getting in and then we were home. I didn't even want to drink anymore I just wanted to sleep. Pa and ma seemed worried so they put this pink cone looking thing on me, and let me sleep. I got up a couple of times and ma was right next to me on the floor she and pa must have had some more words while I was at the vets because he would not let her in the big bed, she had to sleep with me. Remind me not to have a words with him. Next day I finally got fed and I don't know if it was me or what but it looked like more than usual. At lunch time ma forgot to feed me again and at dinner it was more. By the weekend I got it, this big boy stuff, they're only feeding me twice a day now. I don't know if I like the big boy so much. I heard ma tell pa I'm going back to see Dr. H. on Wednesday. Say what are stitches? They keep wanting to take them out of me. Is it something I need? Why do they want them out? Gotta go, you know big boy stuff.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'd like to wish all ten other "D" puppies and mom Gala and dad Camden a Happy Valentines Day! Also my friends Ivy, Feldon, Wexler, Bailey, Wilara, Nuri, Cody, Peanut, Maximus, and Barney, Now for my human family ma and pa and YJ, aunt Marianne, Christina, aunt May and Lauren, aunt Tara and uncle Mike, aunt Meagan and uncle Skip, aunt Linda and uncle Mike, Jacob, Riley, Taylor, aunt Terry, uncle Dave, uncle Ray, aunt Karen, uncle Kevin and aunt Maureen, aunt Carol and uncle Tom aunt Nancy, aunt Dee, Andrew, Kevin, ......I'm sorry I can't name you all, you know I love you!
I started to tell you about myself yesterday, I'd like to tell you a little more. I got to NJ on October 21st I think, it might be sooner I was a little under the weather I don't remember the exact date.

I traveled with my sib Danby,(I'm the one falling off Santas's lap) he's staying with a family a little north of here. I got to see him before Christmas we took pictures with Santa. Talk about a flashy dude, red suit white beard and if you ask me he could loose a few pounds. I haven't seen him since, Danby that is. I'd like to ask if anyone knows were my other sibs are, I'd love to stay in touch and exchange pictures.
Okay, well I met ma and aunt M on the 23rd. They had to drive( aunt M drove ma would have gotten lost) out to Lond Island, that's were CCI is located for the North East Region. Ma was given all my info, a cape and a gentle leader(looks kind of like a muzzle and it's not and if you wiggle the rignt way it can come off) and food of course. Off we went, the car ride was okay I guess, they put me in a room with a view, I wasn't able to play with Wex or Ivy so I whimpered a little and fell asleep. Next thing I know I'm being held and kissed and I get to meet Christina and YJ and they are telling me to SIT what's up with that! I just spent 2 hours in a room laying down, now you want me to sit. I just chewed on the leash instead and ran around, yeah I was a free spirit sort of. I was able to finally play with Ivy and Wex about 2 or 3 weeks later, and then Wex was off to puppy college, I hear he is doing Great!
That's what happens to us all. After being with our humans for about a year and a half ( in that time they care for us and teach us some commands and let us be puppies) we then go back to CCI and get more training (this is our time to shine and show them just how we have grown and just how much we can do) aunt M calls it puppy college and like I said Wex is doing great. It's a little hard on the family cause they miss us, I think I would miss ma and pa and YJ too, but there will be more pups like me there and we get to learn more things, like opening doors and turning on lights and pulling laundry baskets and wheel chairs and hopefully then get to finally get on the bed when I get my new family. Let me tell you if I so much as try to get on the bed and I'll tell you a little secret I have (hee-hee) I get told OFF. I know I have a comfy day bed and my own room (my own kennell, which keeps getting bigger. You should see how big it is. It's got a door and windows, if I could only get pa to stop snoring at night. You see the kennell is not sound proof)and all but why can't I get the really big bed? I'm just askin. I do know I will miss Ivy she's my pal, I get to see her once a week and I drive her nuts. I get so excited I don't even let her rest. We run and wrestle she lets me win , she's a good sport. She let's me play with all her toys, Feldon is cool he's more laid back, he pretty much watches and grins. Aunt M lets me run around her table and the cats put up with my investigating, and then it gets dark out and ma shows up before I know it I'm being told CAR the seat belt goes on(yeah I outgrew the room that fits in the car, now I have to wear a seat belt) and we are going back home. I get a little attitude at first and then I just settle, besides when I go home I get to eat after pa is done with his dinner. I know I'll get to see Ivy again. Ma says we are so lucky to have aunt M and Christina and I know it. You see all these families that care for us are volunteers, starting with the breeders. There is a lot more behind the scenes about CCI, a lot of good people offer their homes to distruction by us pups. They invest time, money and love, I've heard some families has fostered ten or more puppies. Aunt M is on her 5th pup, aunt May is on her 7th I think and I know they graduated one pup. You see not all of us make it to graduation, they told ma only 30 percent make it. If we don't graduate CCI finds us a family. There are families on waiting lists, some have been on for 5 years. My ma and pa have the option of keeping me if I don't make it. Ma keeps saying I will cause I'm so smart. I hope I prove her rignt. Wow my paws are tired again. I've got to tell you some of the stuff that's been goin on. The other day ma and YJ took me out for a walk and we were waiting to cross the street. There I am wearing my vest, gentle leadler, I look good, yeah!. Ma had on her glasses and they went dark cause of the sun and this car on the other side of the road takes a look at me sees her glasses and comes to a complete stop, of course the cars in the other direction still keep coming that dude stayed there and did not move until finally they stopped coming from the other side. Dude I don't know who you were but Thanks, thanks a lot. It could be a case of mistaken identity maybe they thought I was a seeing eye, in any case a big wag of the tail for them. Hang on... What pa? Hey gotta go I'm going for a walk, catch you later.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome to Dayne's View

I am a soon to be six month old Lab-Golden mix CCI pup. I am one of eleven puppy's born on August 21, 2008. I miss my mom and dad and brothers and sisters and I'm currently training the family I am with. I know I know, what is a CCI puppy. There is an organization called Canine Companions for Independence. The goal is to breed and train pups like myself to be of assistance to people with special needs. We are not seeing eye dogs, and we can assist deaf people and people in wheelchairs and with special needs. Our goal is to to help others and I know with the help of my family I can become an assistance dog. I want to tell you more and I will later, this computer is acting up. I have so much to say, my paws are so big I'm having trouble typing. Ouch! that hurt, I have to ask them to clip that nail. Catch you later.