Friday, April 30, 2010


Did I fool you? Just wanted to tease you ma....pretty close wouldn't you say?
On to the good stuff............I got a sneak peak at the monthly reports, not to toot my own horn, I'm doing pretty okay here. I'm still barkin up a storm when it's play time..I'm sure you saw that part- you know in that little space toward the bottom on the report. My trainer Lisa is pretty cool..not as cool as you ma. Had to say that. I'm learning so much here, I'm trying my best and I'm pretty sure Lisa can see that..on my best behavior (most of the time) just like you told me. Gee that was close.....gotta go. Baci.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is this thing on..................................

Finally got a chance at a computer...don't have much time. They're having a luncheon here for all the puppy raisers. Think I saw aunt May and Lauren not quite sure, I know aunt May always cooks something really good. Too bad they wont give us any! So things are moving fast here-training ............and more training. Gotta control my play attitude, I can't help it it's play time. Can't say I have a permanent roomie, they change us often, my fav is my bro Danby. Can't stay too long trying to take pictures with the cam. Sorry if they don't come out too well. Oh yeah did you notice I've dropped a few pounds, they want all us pups to be at our healthyest weight, so don't freak ma, I know you. Speaking of weight how are you doing? Be talking to ya... Ma anchio ti voglio bene...baci

Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Semester.............

Hi Everyone,

Dayne has been unable to use Katrina's computer again, so I'll be making the post for him .

It's been 46 days and our family has been riding that emotional ride.....Now to the good stuff!

Got the monthly report that was sent out at 4:45pm yesterday, wait I did say the good news didn't I.......that was not part of it, this is however. Dayne is in good health, he passed the medical evaluation-no mention of his colitis--we can only hope they are keeping him on the w/d.

His behavior is stellar everything was checked off in the: behavior part one section--except for the dreaded--interacts appropriately with dogs. Dayne has always been full of life and yes he loves to play..he gets excited and apparently jumps for joy when engaged in playtime. Still likes to tease...Lisa is working on the old keep away game. Overall performance was really great and he is learning new commands. Not exactly an A plus, just an A minus..that will change once he really gets into it.

Dayne is capable of nothing other that bringing joy and love into any situation and I believe his trainer is getting the full treatment. Needless to say we are all so proud of that handsome pup!

Mi manchi amore..ti voglio bene!(that was for Dayne..did I metion he's bi-lingual).