Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome to Dayne's View

I am a soon to be six month old Lab-Golden mix CCI pup. I am one of eleven puppy's born on August 21, 2008. I miss my mom and dad and brothers and sisters and I'm currently training the family I am with. I know I know, what is a CCI puppy. There is an organization called Canine Companions for Independence. The goal is to breed and train pups like myself to be of assistance to people with special needs. We are not seeing eye dogs, and we can assist deaf people and people in wheelchairs and with special needs. Our goal is to to help others and I know with the help of my family I can become an assistance dog. I want to tell you more and I will later, this computer is acting up. I have so much to say, my paws are so big I'm having trouble typing. Ouch! that hurt, I have to ask them to clip that nail. Catch you later.

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