Monday, February 23, 2009

Only a real man can wear pink!

Last week started out the same as always , ma kept calling me big boy. Okay I am cute and most people think I'm older than I am. Over the weekend I went out with Wilara to the outlets and everyone thought she was younger than I was and they all agreed just how good looking we both were. One woman even remembered us from Christmas Eve when we were at Borders. I'm getting away from the story, sorry. On Wednesday pa forgets to feed me I thought he's gettin old too, maybe if I grovel and no he did not feed me. Ma came back and we were on the go, at that point I forgot about being hungry, hey I was going out. Ma forgot to put on my vest, boy they're both slipping. So at the end of the car ride I'm at the vet's office. I like my doctors, Dr. R and Dr. H are both very pretty. Ma and pa had a few words on the way over and boy was I glad to go with the tech, I thought for sure she would feed me, but no. Next thing I know I feel funny: my mouth is like a cotton ball, I want a drink of water and man am I sleepy. Finally there's ma and pa I'm going home. The car ride was okay I remember getting in and then we were home. I didn't even want to drink anymore I just wanted to sleep. Pa and ma seemed worried so they put this pink cone looking thing on me, and let me sleep. I got up a couple of times and ma was right next to me on the floor she and pa must have had some more words while I was at the vets because he would not let her in the big bed, she had to sleep with me. Remind me not to have a words with him. Next day I finally got fed and I don't know if it was me or what but it looked like more than usual. At lunch time ma forgot to feed me again and at dinner it was more. By the weekend I got it, this big boy stuff, they're only feeding me twice a day now. I don't know if I like the big boy so much. I heard ma tell pa I'm going back to see Dr. H. on Wednesday. Say what are stitches? They keep wanting to take them out of me. Is it something I need? Why do they want them out? Gotta go, you know big boy stuff.

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