Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Girl!

Hey everyone this is Ivy. Isn't she beautiful! I was able to see her yesterday, and Christina(her trainer along with aunt Marianne) took pictures. As you can see I love to schmooze with her. It's snowing today and tonight it's supposed to snow some more. I love it, ma and pa on the other hand, not so much. Maybe YJ and I can go snowboarding, Yeah! wait I don't know if we own a snowboard, I know we have some kind of thing-a-magiggy. If only ma and pa would invest in a digital camera I would be able to show more pictures. Okay ma is giving me the look she has to e-mail Katrina, the puppy raiser coordinator for this area, not to mention fill out the monthly report. Every month all the puppy raisers fill out a report and send it to CCI. To update the coordinator on our health and progress with commands. YJ keep interrupting me, he is such a child. Talk to you later!

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