Sunday, July 11, 2010

Surprise----Party time!

GREAT news both Dayne and his brother Danby will be graduating this coming August on the 14th to be exact. The reports I received stated that Dayne was doing wonderfully they told me he had developed hot spots, did neglect to tell me however, that our boy would be graduating this August. Surprise! Got an invite in the mail to attend..still trying to figure out if that's the only notification I will get.. kind of cold if you ask me. The important thing is that Dayne will graduate and be able to assist a special someone. Our family is so proud of that pup and all the other pups graduating. Congratulations to all the puppy raisers who do such a great job, I know the families that will receive these wonderful pups are so grateful. Congrats to the trainers on cci campus for further training these amazing pups. Will be taking pictures good thing these new fangled cameras do all the focusing, I'm sure I'll fighting back a monsoon of tears (all happy) could make it hard to focus. Graduating class picture is attached, Dayne is 9th from the left and Danby his bro is 7th. Aren't they all stunning!!!

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