Saturday, August 21, 2010

The little things......

This post is coming a little late, I am sorry. The last three weeks have put us through the wringer...I received a phone call from CCI in which I was told that Dayne had gone through surgery and was recovering well. Intestinal obstruction...thought he might not be placed this go round. Got ready for the possibility of Dayne staying on campus for another 3 months. By the following Saturday I knew he had been placed with someone and things were looking good for graduation...and then it came the final phone call ...See you at graduation! Wow that knocked the wind out of me and then I was told that Dayne was going to be a facility dog. He would be working with people young and old that had suffered spinal cord injuries, helping them to regain mobility. That was it! It totally hit home it made sense, all of this finally made sense.
When we got there Saturday I had the box of tissues and large plastic bag to place the used ones in, my knees were knocking and hands shaking. I counted the minutes till I would be able to see him, Danby came out first followed by Ronny and then there he was.....he looked so handsome. The wag of the tail..the gaze into the eyes...he came towards me and wait for it.....ready......he gave a quick kiss and went right to Percy (Christina's pup)...Yep that's my Dayne! My boy!
He was very relaxed and sure of boy had grown up. We spent what felt like minutes together and was actually hours. They must have given him a freshening up ...being Dayne , he probably drank quite a bit of water. Had no problem relieving his bladder several times. We took pictures..Christina was so thoughtful..she is an angel. She kept taking Percy on little walks to I could have time with Dayne. Before I knew it they told us to go in for the luncheon, there I met Lori, Dayne's new caregiver. We both cried for all the right reasons.....we exchanged cards and small gifts...we took pictures..and then they took Dayne away. Marianne drove us to the Hotel for graduation..and before I knew it I handed Dayne to Lori and asked her to e-mail me. Today is Dayne's second birthday! I know he had a great day and I know he has already touched some lives for the better. We will always love our Dayne and miss him . Hopefully we will be able to stay in touch with Lori and her family, and possibly see Dayne again..It's the little things in life that we cherish most...watching a pup grow up and work his way into your a teacher and fulfill his destiny. Don't let the little things slip by enjoy every minute...................(in the photos Dayne solo,with Lori and me, Danby, Percy and one more with mom )

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