Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last Roller Coaster Ride

Hi Everyone,

It's been along time since my last post. Last year I posted about this time wishing all by Sib's a Happy Valentines Day. This year not only do I wish my Sib's a Happy I get to see them because I go off to puppy college this Saturday! Ma has been talking about it to me for the past 3 weeks. That was just about the time she started changing my food. I've been on a special food because of my colitis, one of the must do's before turn in (the official term for puppy college) is that all the pups be on the same food. The ever so famous Eukanuba Large Breed Adult. Ma talks to me about everything and she explained how she had to start changing the food and if started to feel sick again she would stop. I did pretty good except for when I was fully transitioned my stomach started feeling funny and let's just say that my dinner left me (if you know what I mean) on more than one occasion. On four to be exact and 3 just this week. So ma called my IM Dr. B. and guess what? I'm back on my special food again. I'm still going to be turned in on Saturday. Ma spoke with CCI and they told her that they would have a bag of the food waiting for me and that after a couple of weeks they would probably try to change my food again. I have to be seen by the CCI Internal Medicine specialist and they will decide what food to try. When we get turned in we get a complete check up, head to toe. We have to be healthy so that we can continue with our training, and then within 6 to 9 months be able to graduate and go home with our new person. Not everybody graduates, and to be quite honest I don't know if I will. Ma said I should give it my best and if things don't work out she, Pa and YJ will be waiting with open arms. This is kind of like a roller coaster ride, you know when you first look at that roller coaster it sort of intimidates you, with that steep climb, all those turns and twists and loops and that final drop. Weather you choose to close your eyes or leave them wide open your are in for some ride. At times you feel like your gonna loose some bodily fluids or worst a meal, and when it's all over you want to get back on. I've loved every minute of being with my Ma, Pa and YJ, and yep I did loose some of my meals ( as a matter of fact just this morning I lost my breakfast). Tonight though Ma was crying, I hate it when she cries the mascara starts to run and her eyes look like raccoon eyes and she talks like Minnie Mouse, these past three weeks have been hard on her I can tell. Pa seems a little nervous and even YJ is a big mush, he won't be coming Saturday and neither will Pa they're gonna spend time with Feldon. Aunt Marianne, Christina and Matt will be taking us to CCI campus and of course I'll have my buds Oswego and Percy to hang with for the ride, we're going to meet Aunt May, Lauren and Bright there not to mention all the other pups including my bro Danby that will be (are you ready for this big word) matriculating. I am stoked!!! I'm a little worried for Ma, I hope she won't get all raccoony on me. I gave Ma the password so she can post on Saturday afternoon for me. CCI doesn't give their pups computers to use, they do send a monthly report on how we are doing, hopefully Ma will keep up with it for me (considering I haven't posted in so long-she really can't do any worse than I did). Congrats! to all the Matriculating pups See you there! I chose to ride this last ride like I have all the ones before, with my eyes open, I don't want to miss a thing!

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