Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Digs!

Hi Guys,
I'm in Katrina's office typing this now, I can't stay long they will be looking for me soon to bed me for the night and I really don't want to miss my dinner. It took a little getting used to Ma was a spaz on Saturday. She had that deer in the headlights look on her face and most of the time she looked at me she cried and looked away. To be honest I didn't know what to make of it myself. I made sure I stayed with Ma on the ride out I kept touching her and reassuring her I was okay. That was after I jumped into the back seat with Christina, Percy and Oswego. Way too crowded.........and besides Ma needed me. So the handsome dude to my left (wait your left my right) is my bro Danby, he is sweet he tried to make Ma feel better by doing the ever so popular --shameless dog pose--and for a while she did smile for the first time all day. It wasn't easy for her to let me go, she totally lost it--I was good though I didn't look back I made her proud, I wanted to kiss her one last time --- it was better this way. I'm okay for now they still have me on the w/d hope they keep me on it. Oh yeah my roommate is ......................oh boy.....................gotta go. Ma when you read this, please post..............I kept my promise..............Love you so much!!!!!!! your coccodrillo.

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